“The Felix Penk Collection” is now available

A collection of 10 CDs with songs by Felix Penk is now available.

Over 100 songs from the early 1980s to 2010 are compiled in The Felix Penk Collection, many older ones of them were rerecorded in my home studio.

If you like to get a copy for your own private use, feel free to contact me about it.

The included albums are:

  • B494 (a compilation of songs from before 1994 – recorded in 2010)
  • Play (album from 1994, rerecorded in 2011)
  • Welcome To Love (album from 1995, rerecorded in 2011)
  • Not Only One But More (album from 1998, rerecorded in 2011)
  • Measures (uncompleted album from 2000, rerecorded in 2013)
  • At The Ponds (album from 2001, rerecorded in 2014)
  • Astronaut (original album from 2006)
  • Summer Show (original album from 2007)
  • Human Zoo (original album from 2010)
  • In Between (previously unrecorded songs from in between, recorded in 2014)

The new felixpenk.com

Welcome to the new felixpenk.com!

I’m always looking forward to new collaborations, be it as keyboarder within a band or as a songwriter for a project.

If you would like to collaborate with me, please send me a message via this contact form.